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You’re only 60 minutes from success…

Putting time into your business whatever it is, will always be for you.

How many people can honestly say they’ve
put a full 60 minutes per day into an
online project?

I mean a FULL 60 MINUTES without distraction,
without checking their email, without
reading a sales letter and thinking about

How many people can honestly say they do a
full 60 minutes on one single project every day?

Not many I bet.

And I bet their results are all the same…

Pitiful, negligible and hardly life changing.

Their counterparts on the other hand, the
ones who put a dedicated hour of ACTION into
their business, are likely seeing results.

So here’s the butt kicking question…

How badly do you want it?

‘Cos I bet, no matter how busy you are, you
can spare a full 60 minutes daily.

And if you do, without distraction, you’ll
see a marked change in your future.

For just 60 minutes work.

I know I’m repeating myself. I just feel SO
strongly about this, so strongly I want to
grab you by the shoulders and shake it into

Imagine this…

Day 1 & 2: Find a group of people to help

Day 3 & 4: Find the best 3 products to sell

Day 5: Set up WordPress site

Day 6: Write pre-selling page or article

Day 7: Rest

For the rest of your days you spend 30
minutes writing content and 30 minutes
getting traffic to your site.

That’s a total of 3 hours on content and 3
hours on traffic each week…

… and you keep going.

In one month you’ll have 30 articles bringing
in traffic, after 6 months you’ll have 180
articles online.

You’ll be kicking the crap out of every
half-hearted skinny little affiliate site
out there.

You’ll be an authority, you’ll stand out like
a fart in a elevator and have money, experience
and expertise to boot.

Quite simply, you’ll be well and truelly away
from that herd still chasing bright shiny
objects who think reading about success will
bring it.

Or if you’re a real daredevil, do 2 hours!

Sorry if I’ve labored the point, but it is
because I care and I believe it to be true.

See you in a day or two for scaling your
systems and going beyond “affiliatedom”


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