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Is affiliate marketing a complete system?”

Surely affiliate marketing is a complete system? somebody once asked me.

And to be honest to me that statement can be right and wrong.

To me it’s a bit like going for run to lose weight. Sure it works and you can probably
achieve your weight loss goals if that’s all you do.

In that sense, it’s a “complete system”.

BUT, you make life harder than it has to be.

Look at option two:

You mix your running up with speed work,interval training, circuits and weights.
Invest some time into nutrition and start to take care of your diet.

A multifaceted approach that’d lose the weight a whole lot faster, be a lot more
fun and probably add years to your life.

Now I might be wrong but for the most part it isn’t the ‘affiliate marketing’ you’re
interested in. It’s the END goal, the internet lifestyle, the financial freedom and achieving balance in
your life

It’s about living the life you WANT.

To me, affiliate marketing is a good place to start. A bit like running.
But not a complete solution or system.

As an affiliate you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to worry about product creation,
customer service and your sales funnel.You simply focus on driving traffic and
sending clicks through to the sales page or vendor.

The problem is you’re HIGHLY leveraged and lets say you rely on Google for traffic…
Imagine they turned all the front page,the top ten results on page one into paid
advertising… how would that affect you?

If you relied on it, it’d ruin you right?

Will they do it? Maybe, who knows, they can do what they want right now.
To me, affiliate marketing is like being an intern or doing an apprenticeship.
You learn how to drive traffic, you become a master of conversions and getting folk to
click through to your vendor.

But along the line its good to expand.To create your own products even if it does
mean occasional refunds, customer service and a lot more work.

Because now you understand marketing.

Now you have the skill sets to launch your own products, even if you simply pay
someone else to create it. And now you can have affiliates drive your
traffic and make you money…

… That’s close to autopilot.

All with a few affiliate sites chugging away in the background, bringing in more money.
It’s the beginning of your empire as you diversify your income and futureproof your

It’s like adding intervals, circuits, weight training and diet into your weight loss
efforts. A bit more complicated but makes a whole lot more sense if you want to be around for

Plus you’ll make a ton more of the green stuff!

Now go get ’em!


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