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Are you losing clicks from your leaky site

Best way to cure your leaky websites and treble your clicks

There’s a lot of leaky sites out there.

Bad for business and bad for your affiliate

You see it can be hard to keep content coming
and it’s bad to have an affiliate link in
every blog post or page.

Too unnatural.

What you gotta do is think of your site like
a funnel.

You write your content and it attracts traffic
from all over the place.

You’re getting long-tail keywords, forums,
blog comments, the search engines and
social shares.

The more content you have, the wider your net
and the more traffic you’ll get.

Thing is that traffic is hitting all your
pages. Some that sell but most that are
simply pure, quality content.

You have to funnel the traffic, from the content
to where it counts. Fortunately it’s very,
very simple.

First you need to identify your money pages.

The ones that pre-sell a product, do the
heavy lifting and are the BEST at getting
clicks through to your merchant or vendor.

These are your sales force, your Queen Bee.

You make sure this pre-selling content
features prominently on your sites navigation.

It’s above the fold and obvious for everyone
to see. You guide as many visitors to these
as possible.

Or instead of pages that link to a merchant
or vendor they could be capturing the emails
of your visitor and building your list.

Both work.

What you got to do is get all your content,
the pages, posts and articles linking to
where you want the traffic to go.

This content, there your worker Bees.

You write an Golf article on gadgets that
save you strokes on your game.

When you mention GPS devices you link to a
page that pre-sells the best one out there
and sends them to Amazon.

When you mention gadgets that improve your
swing you send them to an informative article
on how to improve your golf swing…

… that sends them to a pre-selling article
on an eBook that improves your golf swing.

You site becomes a big web, a big net where
the content captures the traffic and the
links segment and guide your visitors to
the most relevant information.

From there they get sent to your money pages.

Your site becomes a mini-internet in itself,
catching, collecting and directing traffic
towards the most appropriate content and
the best products to buy.

It’s not hard but it does take work.

Just don’t make the classic mistake.

Sticking affiliate links in every page, post
and article.

Be clever, add value, offer information, lead,
guide and help your visitor find the info
they want…

… and the product that makes it happen.

Next post’s an eye opener.

See you soon,


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