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Are affiliate review sites Dead

What’s happening to review sites, I will tell you they are going the way of the Quagga.
And if you have not heard of the Quagga well they are related to the zebra family, and they
roamed the plains of South Africa back in the 19th century until they were hunted out of existence.

And that my friends is happening to review sites they’re not going to just die out and disappear,
they’re going to be terminated by the worlds biggest predator or search engine.

You see Google hates skinny sites that act and exist as a ‘gateway’ through to a vendor
so you can make a commission.

What they want is value.

Google want you to add value to your visitor so they learn stuff, get what they’re looking
for and make an informed decision on they’re purchase.

Realistic or not…

A review site is nothing more than a gateway.

They’re going to die out, no matter how many reviews you put up there.Plus a site with 100 reviews is a site with
100 pages with at least 100 outbound affiliate links.

In the land of Big G, that sucks too. Review sites, as we know it, are dead.

What you got to do instead is mix things up.

You need a good balance of articles that educate, articles that entertain and reviews
that can then send visitors through to your vendor.

If you read my last post on knowing the people you’re targeting first and finding
the product second… then making an affiliate site now is going to be super-easy.

So you mix it up.

Say you write a review on the top selling oversized golf driver on Amazon.

Then you write an article on why oversized golf heads can improve the distance of your
drive and at the same time improve your accuracy.

The article links back to your review, your traffic is pre-sold on the product and your
content is useful.

More than just a gateway.Plus it the key to getting traffic that’s not on Google.

Facebook likes, re-tweets, G+ shares, Stumbles and pins with Pinterest.

It’s ironic that by doing why Google wants, you get traffic that Google can’t

Now all you got to do is make sure you funnel that traffic, keep in on site and turn it into
subscribers and clicks on your affiliate links

We’ll cover that in my next post.

Information has always been for sharing!

See ya soon,


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